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10 years already ...

Tuesday 3 April 2007, by Paul Courbis

This site in 10 years ...

Internet user since 1988, I waited nine years to book my own domain name "courbis.com" was January 24, 1997. Mainly used to have a "mail for life", I then mounted a website, mainly because (thanks?) threats of an ultra beneficiary namesake who, annoyed at not being able to redeem myself my name next to nothing (the proposal was to pay me a new domain, wholesale evening under 100 € at the time) sent me an e unpleasant to me threatening legal action! Note the terms used ("you have booked the website courbis.com") that demonstrate a disregard of this filth that is the Internet, and lack of care taken in a towel (no closed parenthesis, for example, inconsistencies between the content and form of rudeness, etc. ...). From a first version of "quite ugly" and thanks to excellent software "spip" this site has undergone a facelift a year ago.

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