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Paul Courbis

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A pyramid of mouse balls

Thursday 31 August 2006, by Paul Courbis

A few years ago, when I was in the hands of HS mice, I started to keep the balls, most often, are heavy steel balls encased in cahoutchoux ... Thus was born the challange of the biggest pyramid of mouse balls!

I currently have 1672 balls Mouse (!) Which allowed me to build a pyramid of 16 floors (1496 balls). I can make 113 to rise to 17 floors ... here is what the pyramid looked like when it contained only 9 floors:

16 floors [1] with the side, a test of tetrahedron (9 floors )......

To thank you for the photo ;-) PYLM Soon new pictures ...


[1The drawing represents the eye of "rat", normal for a pyramid of balls mouse

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