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Application "Field Test" on iPhone and iPad

Sunday 14 August 2011

The iPhone application includes a "Field Test" that lets you know a lot of information on cell phone use. Here how to fix easily, but also on iPhone iPad!


This is the easiest: simply launch the phone application and type the following number "* 3001 # 12345 # *" ​​and then press the phone (below, top middle of the keyboard) to call this pseudo-number:

The application will be launched and you will find extensive information on cell phone use:

IPad no phone, so what? Here the solution is also valid on the iPhone of course!


The application is also FieldTest iPad but it is hidden ... So we will make it visible, for that we need:

  • iPad 3G jailbroken;
  • a way to transfer files to / from the iPad (such as filezilla sftp client application such as iPhone or folders);
  • a plist editor (eg plist editor for Windows ).

Then proceed as follows:

  • get the file "Info.plist" in the "/ Applications /";
  • open it with plist editor;
  • remove the following lines:
  • save the file;
  • the retransfer of the iPad (or iPhone);
  • restart the unit: the application appears (the first free position after the first page of the springboard).

Now you just have to run the application "FieldTest" to observe the characteristics of the GSM network you are connected ...

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