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Install a "ipa" on iPhone without iTunes

Sunday 22 August 2010, by Paul Courbis

It is possible to install a ". Ipa" iPhone application file on this phone without using iTunes. To do this you only need a jailbroken iPhone ....

You are in the following case: travel / vacation you have a backup of your files "ipa" on hand, but not your PC that the iPhone is normally synchronized. And lack of pot, you need emergency restore an application that you accidentally deleted from your mobile phone. No need to install iTunes to authorize the position (given that the maximum number of authorized positions is limited to 5) and you type any syncing your iPhone, there are simpler:

The method is as follows:

  • If you have not already, start by installing "installous" via Cydia (add source)
  • If the application you want to install is present in the lists of the application Installous, the rest of this tutorial does not apply
  • Using a client sftp (default login: mobile password: mobile), transfer the file on your iPhone in ipa directory "/ private / var / mobile / Documents / Installous / Downloads"
  • Check the rights on the files are:
    • owner: Mobile
    • group: Mobile
    • permmissions:-rw-r - r -

    This gives for example (ls-l command line):
    -rw-r--r-- 1 mobile mobile 567305 Aug 21 05:42 monappli.ipa

  • Then run Installous (attention, it must be a new start, if you are under iOS4, check in particular that it is not already running in the background by pressing twice on the Home key in the Springboard - Kill the application if applicable).
  • You will then find your file in the list of ipa "Downloads" of Installous. Just click on the file name and choose "Install" to start the installation ...
  • P.S.

    Of course, it should apply this method only lawfully acquired under the AppStore ...

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