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Paul Courbis

Introduction and technical prerequisites

Thursday 4 January 2007, by Paul Courbis

PBXs (PABX) Alcatel type 4400 are built around an operating system like Unix (based on a core Chorus). Among other things, they are able to provide a record of taxation usable by software provided by the manufacturer.

Ade allow more flexible use of these data, I develloped a number of software tools to process these tickets billing (DC - details of communication) through a database like SQL.

Here are guidelines for using this procedure, as well as some specific software. Feel free to contact if you encounter difficultétés at their establishment ...

Technical requirements:

- A type Pabx Alcatel 4400 - A Unix server or a Unix emulation (type Cygwin ) - A network connection between the PBX and the server.

You must at this stage be able to make a connection type "ftp" with the account "TCR" between the server and PBAX.

Warning: it may be necessary to allow the server to connect to the PBX.

Before you begin, get the archive containing the scripts and programs.

Unzip it where you want and - compile the C program "tax2sql" (make tax2sql) - edit the file "Definitions" and fill it according to your configuration - change the call to "Definitions" in all the shell scripts delivered.

(Automatic installation will come later) Read more ...

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