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Paul Courbis

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Laying the Tomtom Rider

Monday 25 September 2006, by Paul Courbis

AAfter dhésitation few months saw the price of the beast, I broke down and am purchasing this GPS road.

Easy to learn, I still had a little trouble to fix it properly on the Varadero 125 for standard fixtures were not compatible with my equipment:

- Mounting on the handlebars came into conflict with my tank bag;

- Assembly on hitting the bull came back high in tight corners ...

So I changed the media ...

We must assemble the following documents:

using bolts with countersunk heads 4x12 and cons nut-nut and a little glue to prevent the bolt from loosening ca later ...

The assembly may then be in the middle of the inclined portion of the handlebar, which places the Tomtom above Bagster come without touching the bubble high ...

And there it goes! Handlebar right: Turning left: Turning right: Bagster with: And viewed from the side:

In passing, attention to tightening the double metal clasp which connects the kneecap to support the handlebar (the handlebar mount): it is fragile (poor design in my opinion) and snaps if you shake too hard .. .

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