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Paul Courbis

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Modified car holder for Tomtom Rider

Saturday 18 November 2006, by Paul Courbis

After connecting the speakers, here’s how to make a car mount a bit more "smart" machines sold by the Tomtom. Why do you say? Well for no longer having to open the hatch to make the electrical connection having raced after the end of the cable and cigarette lighter for ignition engine automatic contact (the start button is anything but comode stop !)...

Materials needed: - a car holder - an additional bracket kit motorcycle - a cable drums - double-sided tape kit motorcycle First cut the car mount: Simply cut the support motorcycle as follows to remove the ball: a saw for metal sanding +): We screwed the plate thus obtained back support: Glue the two pieces together: And it remains only on the cup and install: Then connect the power cable with cigarette lighter (as the speaker) ...


For those that disabling automatic menu beyond a certain speed upsets, just to isolate one of the 4 connectors support (eg with a bit of nail polish) is the third from the left on the support (carrier facing you ).... But beware: this disables the on / off automatic media feeding (domage).

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