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Site news

Sunday 25 June 2006, by Paul Courbis

Here is part of the history of this site ... In reverse chronological order (newest to oldest):

June 2007: all the old content has finally been reinstated and a system of automatic redirection has been implemented to avoid 404 errors.

July 2006: start of rewriting the site using SPIP.

June 2006: Adding geometric constructions.

December 10, 2001: change of host.

July 21, 2001: Demonstration of a tool for configuration management Netscape (section Accomplishments / Software).

July 11, 2001: launch of the American version of the book "Journey to the Center of the HP48s/sx (HP48 Machine Language) courtesy of Sebastien Lalande and Grapevine Publishing.

June 7, 2001: the books "Journey to the Center of the HP28," "Journey to the Center of the HP48s/sx" and "Journey to the Center of the HP48g/gx" can now be viewed online in "page by page. ..

March 7, 2001: after many issues regarding (the files starting PageMaker 1.0 files are dated 1987!), The book "Journey to the Center of the HP28 c / s" is online!

January 31, 2001: Slight change in the left navigation bar (adding the toplevel of each section).

January 30, 2001: Update of the search engine (indexing PDF files).

January 24, 2001: provision of "Journey to the Center of the HP48s/sx" freely downloadable in PDF format.

January 23, 2001: End of major overhaul of the content manager ...

January 15, 2001: start of a major overhaul of the content manager ...

January 2, 2001: added the date of update on the pages.

December 28, 2000: Adding a search engine.

December 27, 2000: Added alerts "Mind-It" (alert by email on editing a page).

December 22, 2000: Improved documentation and navigation principles (system memory of the last active page of a section).

December 17, 2000: Site opened to the public.

December 15, 2000: provision of "Journey to the Center of the HP48g/gx" freely downloadable in PDF format.

December 12, 2000: originally uploaded the new design from beta testers.

November 21, 2000: motivated by a very nice letter to a namesake, we defer to the development agenda of the public part of the use of the Internet domain name "

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