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This site is not ... has nothing to do with ...

Tuesday 21 July 2009, by Paul Courbis

This site has nothing to do with: - former football player and coach Rolland Courbis (which is sometimes written incorrectly Roland), nor with his show courbis coach - the sports agent Stephane Courbis - the bank image Corbis created by Bill Gates in 1989 under the name of Intercable Home Systems (then Continuum Productions) - the winemaker Châteaubourg (field curves), Ardeche vineyard producing red and white St. Joseph and Cornas. If you have subjects that have nothing to do with this site but you still led, comments are open! Oh, I almost forgot an irascible company Drôme plastics (manufacture of mechanical parts polyurethane elastomer molding processing) which prohibits me unpleasantly enough to mention it and I can not speak beyond measure:-D

That said, you’re welcome on this site I invite you to discover and navigate. The topics are diverse and varied computer, crafts, cooking, etc. ... Happy reading!

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