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Thursday 9 November 2006, by Paul Courbis


Hello and welcome to the new version of "curves"!

This new version uses the SPIP.

Why this site you tell me? The answer is simple: in 1997 I selected the domain name "courbis.com", mainly to have a "mail for life". A few years later a rude fool me threatened with a lawsuit on the grounds that "I did not use the domain". Another idiot who believes that the Internet comes down to the URL:-D

But hey, after all, if he believed a judge could also think and break my c. .. that’s why I created this site (in an earlier version) that was an opportunity to put online for free download, works computer which I am the author.

And as to share, why not share other things, the more eclectic than the computer: DIY, kitchen, geometry, right ...

That’s why you’re reading this today motley bunch!

Happy surfing and see you soon ...

Paul Courbis

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